Superheroes needed to help Funbox on their latest quest

Bonzo, Gary, Anya and Kevin will use their superpowers to find the keys to the Funbox. Pic: John Young.
Bonzo, Gary, Anya and Kevin will use their superpowers to find the keys to the Funbox. Pic: John Young.

Dust off your capes and wear your underpants outside your trousers when Funbox returns to Motherwell Concert Hall next month.

Kevin McLeod, Anya Scott-Rodgers, Gary Coupland and of course Bonzo perform Superheroes at Motherwell Concert Hall on Saturday, September 24.

With DC’s Justice League and Marvel’s Avengers dominating the big screen at the moment it seems the perfect time for the Funbox gang to unveil their own superpowers in their latest singalong adventure as they try to find the keys to unlock the mysterious Funbox.

Kevin said: “I’ve wanted to do a superheroes show for a number of years, but we weren’t sure if children would be into it without the likes of Batman or Spider-Man being involved.

“It was also felt to be quite a boys thing and we try to be inclusive, but with the likes of Wonder Woman and Black Widow there is plenty of heroines for little girls to look up to.

“We encourage everyone to come dressed as superheroes, but we especially like it when the children create their own.”

Funbox was formed after the Singing Kettle was shut down, and while they tried to buy the right to the name, Kevin is pleased they had to forge their own identity.

He said: “In hindsight it is definitely a good thing we had to create Funbox, as while it has been a lot of hard work things have been going really well and we are proud of the success we’ve had while starting from scratch.

“It’s great seeing children coming to every show and they seems to be staying with us longer, in our previous life when we’d get six or seven-year-olds telling us they were getting too old to see us, but now large boys’ t-shirts are our biggest seller.”

The show features singalong favourites such as ‘Bunny Fou Fou’, ‘Leapfrog’ and ‘My Boy’s a Corker” as well as all new songs.

The show is on at 1pm and 3.30pm, for tickets call 01698 403120 or visit CultureNL