Whitey Moffat signed up...for football boots!

Whitey Moffat (65) of Forth Wanderers'Carluke'1/3/13
Whitey Moffat (65) of Forth Wanderers'Carluke'1/3/13

NEWLY appointed Forth Wanderers coach Whitey Moffat once accepted a mere pair of football boots to sign a playing contract with the Kingshill Park team!

Whitey (65), back in junior football nearly two years after quitting as Carluke Rovers manager after a decade in charge, laughed when recalling his paltry prize for playing around 200 matches at full back for Forth between 1971 and ’76.

He said: “The Forth president John Murray was keen to sign me from Carluke Rovers and it came to the point of talking about money.

“He told me that Forth didn’t have a lot of money, to which I replied: ‘Don’t worry about that; just give me a pair of football boots.”

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