Carluke gymnastics ace Jessica Taylor was flipping marvellous winning British tumbling title

Jessica Taylor after receiving her gold medal (Submitted pic)
Jessica Taylor after receiving her gold medal (Submitted pic)

Sprinting across the mat before producing stunning mid-air flips and twists, Carluke gymnastics ace Jessica Taylor then wowed the judges further by landing perfectly, without so much as a flinch.

And this was enough for the 11-year-old Crawforddyke Primary School marvel to win the tumbling title at last weekend’s prestigious British Championships in Nottingham.

“To go through the air that fast, do those twists and then land so softly was very impressive,” Jessica’s proud mum Alison told the Carluke and Lanark Gazette.

“That is a really difficult thing to do.

“She is sprinting and then leaping into the air, so as her mother watching it, sometimes my heart is in my mouth.”

The British success added to Jessica’s other 11-12 years titles won this year, also including Scottish and Regional crowns.

“Jessica has had five competitions this year and she’s won all of them,” Alison said.

“She has been winning them by 1.2 or 1.3 points, which doesn’t sound like much but in gymnastics is a huge margin.

“The competition she beat on Saturday was from the top eight throughout the UK, the best of the best out of hundreds of competitors.”

Jessica, who started out at what is now called Lunar Gymnastics Club in Lanark, now goes to Maryhill-based Sapphire Gymnastics Club.

She is coached there by sisters Jasmine and Danielle Lessani.