Down Memory Lane

Discover the stories that made the Gazette headlines all those years ago.

Friday, 1st July 2011, 5:44 pm

Our old photo, kindy loaned to us by Lanark reader Ian Stewart, and the picture taken by our own photographer last weekend, shows clearly that Lanark Tennis Club has a long and honorable history. The old photo shows the former courts in around the 1890s, now the site of a private home; the current courts, on an adjoining site off Cleghorn Road, hosted its second annual Open Day last weekend to which a new generation of club members was being recruited to carry on the fine tradition.


n Carluke man Ian Stewart was celebrating after graduating from Oxford University with a first class Honours degree. Mr Stewart was then appointed assistant agricultural economist at the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries in Edinburgh.

n Alex Wilson got a shock when he won the Butlins Ayr snooker championship. He hadn’t played the game since the closure of Carluke Welfare Club three years previously.

n Around 2000 people turned up at Carluke Co-operative Gala Day. The procession was led Carluke Primrose, Carluke Scouts and the Caledonian Accordion Band.

n Bailie and Mrs J Millar Stoddart were presented to the Queen at the Royal Garden Party, in the grounds of Holyrood House. The Queen spoke to the couple, recalling her trip to Lanark eight years previously.

n A Stirlingshire lorry driver was fined £5 at Lanark Sheriff Court for entering Lanark Grammar School without authority and committing a breach of the peace.

n The annual walk of Lodge Wilsontown St John took place. The parade was led by Forth Brass Band.


n At the Lanark Burgh Court a labourer, with 24 previous convictions and who had been fined £28 was found guilty of being drunk and disorderly in Lanark High Street. He was sentenced to 21 days in prison.

n A farewell presentation was held for Mr William Bell, who for the past 13 years held the position of heavy goods clerk at Caledonian Railway Station. He was presented with a gold watch, gold chain and a pendant.

n Greyfriars Church Sunday School held its annual picnic at Harleyholm Farm. A programme of races and games was held.

n Bandmaster R.M Yeatts marked his final appearance with Lanark Military Band with a special performance at the Cross. Mr Yeatts was leaving after his wife was appointed caretaker at a newly erected clubhouse in Strathblane.

n Owing to a dispute over the disposal of fireclay, men from Shotts Iron Company Slaghill Pit were idle for a day. The dispute was quickly resolved though.

n A ‘coming of age’ party was held for Mr Robert Robertson-Sheraby-Harvie at Brownlee House.