Lesmahagow Juniors summer season plea

FOLLOWING the postponement of every junior football fixture in the West Region on Saturday due to frozen pitches, Lesmahagow Juniors manager Robert Irving has called for the introduction of summer football.

Instead of the current system, which sees the competitive junior season running from August to June, Robert would like to see matches played on Wednesdays and Saturdays between March and October.

He said: "We have only played nine competitive games in 19 weeks since the start of the season, which is absolutely hopeless.

"The players can't get any momentum. The boys get fed up when they're not playing matches."

But Lanark United secretary Tam Anderson said: "I could give you 200 reasons why I'm totally against summer football.

"One of the main reasons is: When are you supposed to look after your pitch to do reseeding work?

"And lots of clubs have council-owned parks which are closed in the summer. So how do you get round that?"

Robert's fellow Central Division 2 manager Whitey Moffat, boss of Carluke Rovers, is also in favour of summer football.

Whitey said: "Sometimes you have to try things and give them a go, rather than be pessimistic."

But Scottish Junior Football Association West Region secretary Scott Robertson revealed that club committee members were asked back in June to vote on whether or not they wanted summer football introduced.

"An overwhelming majority voted against it," Scott said.

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