Biggar’s Bruce Rodgers contests the horse boarding National Championships

Bruce Rodgers horse boarding with Candy, ridden by Jen Hollands
Bruce Rodgers horse boarding with Candy, ridden by Jen Hollands

Crouched down on a wooden board measuring less than 300 square inches, Biggar man Bruce Rodgers gripped tightly on his bindings as the horse pulling him along the turf accelerated to a speed of over 30mph.

It was all part of the exciting new head to head sport of horse boarding, in which boarder Bruce and his rider friend Nadine Archibald have contested 100m races at the last two National Championship meetings in Wolverhampton and Wiltshire.

Bruce (24), of Moss Side Crescent, said: “We were the only Scots competing in these events (in July and August respectively) and both meetings were excellent fun.

“Going from zero to 30mph in a couple of seconds while being dragged by a horse was really exciting.

“When I reached 30mph I just wanted to go faster and hoped that my horse had enough in her to win.

“Although the races are over in between eight and 10 seconds, they can be really unpredictable as the horses run several heats in a short period of time so can get really tired.

“It’s tiring for the boarders too, as after the races my arms really felt as if they’d been pulled to extremes.”

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