Yieldshields road could see fatal crash

Road junction'Yeildsheilds'6/7/12
Road junction'Yeildsheilds'6/7/12
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A RESIDENT of the tiny hamlet of Yieldshields – just a quarter of a mile from Carluke – believes that South Lanarkshire Council’s “neglect” of the village’s roads could lead to a fatal collision.

Heather Kirkhope, of Thornhome Farm, said that members of her family have had three vehicles completely written off after road collisions in Yieldshields, most recently just three weeks ago.

“A fatal road crash here is only a matter of time,” Heather said.

“There is a bad corner every few hundred metres and the roads are broken away at the edges.

“It’s as if the council just see us as a tiny rural patch and so don’t want to spend money to make our roads safer.”

A spokesman for South Lanarkshire Council Roads Department said: “An assessment of the accident record in this area indicates that there have been no recorded injury accidents in the last three years and none at the junction of Thorn Road and Yieldshields Road since our records began in 1994.

“The location does not therefore have a high priority for safety improvements when compared to other locations across South Lanarkshire.

“Notwithstanding this priority, the council have been improving the road network over the last few years in and around the Yieldshields area where a number of resurfacing works have been carried out.

“The roads around the Yieldshields area will continue to be assessed and considered for inclusion in future resurfacing programmes as part of our investment programme.

“The area has recently been inspected and no safety defects were noted; however, further regular safety inspections will be undertaken and any safety defects repaired.”

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