Woman hits out at fly tipping near Coalburn

Terrible sight...fly tipping between Coalburn and Waterside
Terrible sight...fly tipping between Coalburn and Waterside

THE problem of fly-tipping is easy to see on the road between Coalburn and Waterside. And one local woman has had enough.

Morag Murray owns a home with her husband Donald nearby and feels that action must be taken to catch the people who blight the Clydesdale countryside.

She said: “I would hope that any exposure of this type of crime – and it is a crime – would make a difference to our lovely countryside.

“I have also written to my local MSP, Aileen Campbell, but I don’t know if and when something could or would be done about it.

“I hate to see this anywhere but this is my back yard and one has to start somewhere to wipe out this abuse of our countryside.

“I don’t think that clearing the site is an option; it will just make room for more rubbish.

“You could just about furnish a house with everything that has been dumped there!

“I’ve looked at this eyesore since I moved here and wondered why nothing has ever been done about it.”