Witness Lanark’s Rite of Spring today!

Exuberance...and keeping up tradition at Whuppity Scoorie
Exuberance...and keeping up tradition at Whuppity Scoorie

AT 6pm tonight, March 1, scores of excited youngsters waving balls of paper tied with string will run round St Nicholas Church in Lanark’s own rite of spring.

The origins of Whuppity Scoorie are lost in the mists of time.

Some say it harks back to days when offenders were whupped through the streets and scoored in the Clyde; other versions link it to a change in curfew as spring approached.

Over the years it has involved fights with New Lanark children, and more recently a race round the church, stopped for safety grounds.

Now the youngsters just run round the church, and try to make as much as possible from the scamble of coins thrown by members of the Royal Burgh of Lanark Community Council, which organises it.

The kids set off at 6pm sharp, so be there at least quarter of an hour beforehand to make sure you don’t miss it!