Windfarm windfall for Lesmahagow

Windfarm windfall...for Lesmahagow
Windfarm windfall...for Lesmahagow

THREE new turbines in Lesmahagow will be used not just to generate renewable energy but cash for the village.

Lesmahagow Development Trust, in partnership with Stewart Energy Ltd, will construct three turbines, which could power up to 300 homes, on the outskirts of the village and received £8 million worth of funding to do so.

It is anticipated the windfarm will deliver an annual seven figure turnover in each of the next 25 years.

The Trust hopes that by having a steady stream of income it can plough back its share of the profits into projects in the village.

Liz Montgomery, from Lesmahagow Development Trust, said: “We are a significant stakeholder so we can expect a sizeable income from this project.

“Hopefully we can start a community consultation in the next few weeks to bring some ideas together.”