Who has got Loraine’s Lanark Lanimer lights?

Just one tiny element of Loraine's Greek-themed Lanimer entry this year.
Just one tiny element of Loraine's Greek-themed Lanimer entry this year.

Police are among those looking for Lanimer lights stolen in a break-in last week, at the shed where the fantastic lorry centrepieces are stored.

With the Lanimer winter procession due to take place this Friday night, the hunt is on for the lights which are needed for one of the entries.

The Kilnine Club’s Greek-themed creation - the chariot pictured here was only a tiny part of it - wowed the crowds in June, and should be spectacular again in Friday night’s lighted Winterfest procession.

“I was extremely disappointed to learn from Loraine Swan Chair of the Lanimer Committee that they have experienced a break in at their shed,” said local councillor Catherine McClymont,

“Unfortunately thieves stole the lights for their Lanimer Lorry for this week’s extravaganza on Friday night.

“These lights were purchased with a Community Grant from South Lanarkshire Council over the last two years.“

And she added: “This new addition to our Winterfest is a well-received event for the Community. We strive to make Lanark a better place and this has been a blow to the volunteers who help us achieve this.”

The councillor appealed to whoever took the lights to let Loraine know, and if they did not want the lights - perhaps it was just a prank? - they could leave them at the door of the shed from where they were taken (and the person responsible would know where the shed is!).

“The show will go on and I wish them well and thank them for contributing to the event.“

And Loraine told the Gazette that as committee chair, she was saddened by the disappearance of the lights. It was not the value, but the inconvenience it was causing for volunteers.

“It is very sad when people work hard to raise money for their Lanimer entry, and the whole ethos of the illuminated parade is representatives of the Lanimer procession coming out to support late night Lanark,” she said.

Local shops are open late on Friday; the parade starts at 6.30pm from Ladyacre Road.