What can you see - with a periscope in Carluke?

What do you see - with a periscope?
What do you see - with a periscope?

Take a novel challenge tomorrow (Saturday) and join a walk around Carluke wearing a periscope harness.

The Make Your Way team is inviting people to take part in this walk with a difference.

The What Can We See? Where Can We Go? guided walk will use a periscope headdress and participants will have to work together to guide each other. The walk aims to reconnect people with their wider landscape, framing views, and focusing on details often dismissed on a daily basis.

The project is organised by icecream architecture.

Those taking part should meet tomorrow at 11am in Market Square, Carluke, beside the War Memorial. They will then head out for around 90 minutes. The event is free and all are welcome. It is not a 90-minute hike; a lot of the time will be spent looking, taking photos, and chatting about the things the walkers see en-route, rather than walking. Walkers should bring a camera or phone camera with them.

The route will explore the town centre and built-up areas of Carluke, and walkers will be armed with a periscope made of a series of angled mirrors to provide an alternative view of the world around them, to help them notice something new along the way.

After meeting up again in the Market, Square, the walkers will explore the green spaces, heading down towards Jocks Burn, along the trail and towards the edges of the town, with more distant views and a wider landscape, before returning to the square via High Mill.

"Through the use of the periscope we hope to encourage participants to focus in on the details that might normally be dismissed, heritage features, wildlife, activity, gateways and the special qualities which make a town unique," said Michael Goodger.