Weather holds for Leadhills Gala Day

The weather gods were shining down on Leadhills last weekend as the annual gala day brought the village’s week of festivities to a close.

This year’s Queen, Jenny Paul, along with her maids Louisa Steel and Beth Alderman were the ‘belles of the ball’ as they were escorted by a piper onto the field.

Leadhills Village Gala Day.

Leadhills Village Gala Day.

A full afternoons activity of fun and games then took place with something for everyone to enjoy.

One of the highlights of the afternoon was undoubtedly Les Amis d’Onno Equestrian Theatre Scotland who wowed the crowds with a selection of hair-raising stunts and tricks.

This year’s gala theme was comic book heroes and the costumed challenge was roundly accepted by many with an assortment of characters seen wandering the village.

Prizewinners for this year were: Junior golf tournament winner - Freya Alcock. Football tournament winning team - The Net Busters (Jamie Steel, Louisa Steel, Nicola Paul, Paris Sara, Jack Ross and Kendal Smith). 

Overall winner at the pet show – Amina Majdoub with her dog Archie.

Fancy Dress Winners -  5 and under;  1st -Batman and Car, Logan Robinson. 2nd-Spider Girl, Eilidh Gillespie. 3rd-Gnasher, Jennifer Alcock. Individual Age 6-10; 1st-Wonder Woman, Lucy Paul, 2nd-Bat Girl- Amber Gardiner-Penny, 3rd-Dennis the Menace, Freya Alcock. Individual Age 11-15; 1st- Harlequin, Lucy Lowe, 2nd-Dipper, Jamie Steel.

Pram or Bike; 1st Gnasher, Jennifer Alcock. 2nd Bat Bike, Gwen Foley, 3rd Batmobile, Lauren & Luca Hutton. 

Groups; 1st-Dennis the Menace, the Alcocks, 2nd- Calvin & Hobbs, Ellen Foley and Jamie Steel, 3rd-Gravity Falls, the Foleys. 

Adult; Ladies 1st-Wonder Woman, Kelly Gardiner-Penny. Adult; Gents 1st-Crinckley Stan, Andy Foley.

Sarah Alcock, organising committee secretary told the Gazette: “We were so lucky this year with the weather, as it wasn’t great in the run up to the big day.

“There are a lot of people who put a huge effort into ensuring that the gala day goes off without a hitch, and without their dedication and efforts it simply wouldn’t happen.”