Warning over selling of legal highs in Clydesdale

Police warning...over the dangers of legal highs
Police warning...over the dangers of legal highs

POLICE in Clydesdale are urging teenagers and other young people to be aware over the dangers of so called legal highs.

Two recent incidents involving red and white capsules have resulted in two 14 year old boys from Carluke attending Wishaw General Hospital where they received medical treatment after having consumed the capsule contents.

Several arrests of teenage males in the Carluke area have been made in relation to these incidents.

PC David Wesencraft said: “The simple advice is just don’t risk it. You simply do not know what you are taking.

“The name given to a substance doesn’t necessarily equate to the chemicals within the substance.

“There is no understanding of the quantity of chemical you are taking or what impact it will have on you individually.

“Substances affect people individually and may have different effects depending on circumstance.

“The effects will only become apparent after the consumption of the substance.

“Effective treatment is difficult as the nature and quantity of chemical is frequently unknown to medical staff.

“The products go through no clinical or human trials and vary widely in their strength and chemical composition.

“They are sold as, ‘not for human consumption’, yet particularly teens and young adults are misguidedly taking them in the belief that they will provide the same effect as a controlled drug without the criminal consequences.”

Police Scotland urge those who have any knowledge of the production, supply and distribution of legal highs by dialling 101 or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111 where information can be given in confidence.