War of words between two Clydesdale MPs over cuts

SNP candidate'submitted pic'February 9 2015
SNP candidate'submitted pic'February 9 2015

NEW Lanark and Hamilton East MP Angela Crawley has attacked the UK Government over where their spending cuts will take place.

The new SNP MP also criticised its failure to recognise that further cuts to child benefit would mean poorer families will be hit hardest.

Attacking rural Clydesdale MP, and new Scottish Secretary David Mundell, Angela said: “David Mundell’s abject failure to acknowledge that further cuts to child benefit will impact the most vulnerable in society shows a lack of determination from his Government to tackle child poverty head-on.

“The fact that the UK is spending less of its wealth on child benefit than at any time since 1977 is an appalling indictment of where their priorities lie.

“It shows a complete lack of will amongst the Westminster establishment to tackle the increasing child poverty, driven by their austerity agenda.”

The SNP has pointed to independent research which shows that Britain is spending a lower proportion of its wealth on supporting children than at any time since 1977, and the Child Poverty Action Group has previously estimated that up to 100,000 more children in Scotland risk being pushed into poverty by 2020.

The Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) has already warned that further cuts in government spending will be needed beyond this parliament in order to bring the national debt under control.

In response David Mundell said: “The fact is that child benefit will continue to provide essential help for low income families in Scotland and it’s nonsense to suggest otherwise.

“Under the Scotland Bill, which delivers in full on the Smith Commission, the Scottish Government will be getting the power to top up child benefit out of its own budget.

“But they’ll have to find the money to pay for that through higher taxes on working families, as the Deputy First Minister has already confirmed he is considering.

“If Angela Crawley wants hardworking families in Clydesdale to pay more tax on their pay packets each month to fund higher welfare bills, then she can make the case for it. My priority will always be to help working families be more secure and keep more of the money they earn, while we ensure help is targeted at those who need it most.”