Vets seek owner of injured Carluke cat on the mend

Recovering after surgery in Biggar
Recovering after surgery in Biggar

Two Rivers Vets in Biggar are trying to find the owner of a little cat badly injured in a road accident in Carluke.

They have treated her injuries, and now want to be able to return her home.

The little black cat was run over by a car near the BP garage in Carluke on Sunday February 28.

“She was brought to us for treatment, having sustained significant head injuries,” said Fiona Black at the vet practice.

“We treated her for shock and gave painkillers initially, then fixed her fractured jaw and fed her through a tube for a week, and now she is definitely on the mend albeit still slightly wobbly on her legs and with damage to one eye. “We were worried she was blind but as she improved her sight returned.”

Posts on the vets’ Facebook page have been widely shared, but so far no owner has been found.

“The cat does have a microchip registered to a S Morris from Stewart Street, but we don’t know if this person still owns the cat or if they still live at the address as we have not been able to contact them,” said Fiona.

“We plan to rehome the cat (and already have someone who really wants to take her) if we cannot locate the owner.”

And she adds that the owner should not be put off coming forward to claim her because of fears of a big vet bill.

“We took it upon ourselves to treat the wee cat and would just like to see her returned home (though contributions to the bill would always be appreciated!)” she said.

Fiona added: “The cat is very friendly and has obviously been cared for - the vets have been taking her home in the evening as she is too sweet to leave in the surgery by herself.

“It’s a bit odd that no-one has come forward, as 66,000 people saw our initial FB post - it has been shared very widely.

“Maybe it belongs to an older person not on social media.

“The cat only needs to be with us for a few more days though, and then we will be rehoming her.”

Does anyone know where this little cat belongs?