Very watery Battle of Waterloo Road Waterloo Road, Lanark ( Picture  by Sarah Peters) Waterloo Road, Lanark ( Picture by Sarah Peters)

The residents of a Lanark street have had cause over the years to dread rainy weather because they claim it makes their homes virtually uninhabitable.

Persistent flooding problems in the ironically-named Waterloo Road have been caused by blocked drains, a problem they alleged Scottish Water has known about for years but has yet to properly deal with.

So frustrated have they become with their complaints not being acted on by the utility giant, they have now called in one of the town’s councillors to take up the case on their behalf.

SNP councillor Vivienne Shaw has now visited the affected homes herself - and was left shocked with the conditions some of the residents are living in.

She told the Gazette: “Not only has it been a washout summer for everyone, but I am especially concerned by complaints from local residents in Waterloo Road who yet again have had their houses flooded out due to blocked drains.

“This problem has been continuing for years with householders living in dread of a recurrence.”

She claimed that she had heard of one local business that had been hit due to blocked sewage pipes.

“I have been along and seen for myself houses with their front doors open being pumped out by workmen.

“The responsibility is with Scottish Water, who have failed to sort out this mess over several years.

“What a rotten situation for elderly residents to be in. We all pay our Council Tax and in return expect a reasonable service from the public utilities. This is a disgrace.”

A Scottish Water spokesman said: “There is a history of root ingress into drains at this location and action has previously been taken.

“We are currently investigating whether there has been further root ingress and this will enable us to determine what further action might be necessary to reduce the future possibility of flooding at this particular location in Lanark.”