Vandalism at Carluke’s Wilton Road cemetery

graveyard vandalism carluke
graveyard vandalism carluke

SICK yobs have smashed up the flower holders and ornaments laid at Wilton Cemetery by a Carluke family in tribute to 34-year-old Elizabeth Wardropper, who froze to death outside the town’s St John’s Parish Church in January 2010.

Carluke woman Linda Liddell (38), has condemned the actions of the neds who struck last Tuesday night, when a total of six grave sites suffered similar destruction.

She said: “I think it’s young kids who have carried out this vandalism and what they’ve done is really heartbreaking for the families whose tributes have been destroyed.

“This vandalism is absolutely outrageous.

“It is just pure badness on the part of the kids who I think are responsible.

“The fact that they’re carrying out this vandalism definitely highlights the fact that there is a lack of things for young kids to do around here to keep them out of trouble.”

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