Two pick-ups stolen from Blacklaw Wind Farm

Blacklaw Wind Farm near Forth.
Blacklaw Wind Farm near Forth.

Two pick-up trucks were stolen in a break-in at Blacklaw Wind Farm over the weekend.

Two white Toyota Hiluxes were taken from the site, in Climpy Road, Forth, between Saturday, April 29, and Monday, May 1.

Police are appealing for witnesses, and anyone with information is urged to call them on 101 or via Crimestoppers on 0800 555111, quoting incident number SP-20170501-0729.

They are also looking for information on the theft of a van, a 2014-plate Ford Transit, from Morton Court, Blackwood, between 4.50pm on April 26, and 6.05am the following morning.

The vehicle contained tools together worth £2,750, including a Stihl saw, a circular saw and a cable detector.

Again, witnesses and those with information are asked to contact the police, and the incident number is SP-20170427-0377.

And between 10.30am and 12.30pm on Friday, items including a satnav were stolen from a red Peugeot parked in the car park at Tinto Hill.

Witnesses are sought, and the incident number is SP-20170428-3033.

Youth activity features more heavily in police work as summer approaches.

“Lanark town centre and the station attract young people, who can gather in quite significant numbers,” said Inspector Martin Speirs, adding that the public should not be alarmed simply by the gathering of young people, as it happened in every town.

“Young people are drawn to the safety of places where there is foot traffic, street lighting, shelter and shops,” he said. This is normal but if a group is causing alarm, the public should phone 101 and police will attend, he said.

And he warned that adults should not buy alcohol for those under 18.

It is a criminal offence and any such request should be reported to the police, he said.

“Alcohol makes young people extremely vulnerable and often is the catalyst for violence, disorder and anti-social behaviour.”