Tributes paid to charity champion Grizel Rankin

Grizel Rankin'for obit December 2014
Grizel Rankin'for obit December 2014

A TRUE champion of many good causes around Lanark, Miss Grizel Rankin, died last week. She was 84 years old.

One of the most weel-kent faces around the Royal Burgh for decades, Grizel was widely respected and loved for many good deeds done and kind words said and even her sometimes erratic parking of her trademark red Mini in the town centre was quickly forgiven with a shrug and the wry comment: “That’s our Grizel...”

And, for generations of Lanarkians, she was very much ‘their’ Grizel, touching the lives of hundreds of through the decades with her good works.

She was one of a small band of women who worked hard to create the Guide Hall in Jerviswood Road; she went on to become a District and Divisional Commissioner and was one of the rare holders of the Laurel Award, only granted to the movement’s most dedicated members.

She also had a close assocation with the Red Cross but many other charities benefited from her voluntary work and help with collections. As she once said: “I’ve done every tin in Lanark.”

She worked as an occupational instructor at Stanmore House and was Lanimer Crowning Lady in 1985. She was also a hard-working member of the Lanimer Committee. Fulsome tributes were paid to her at her funeral, held at Lanark’s St Nicholas Church last Saturday.