Tinto Hill parking chaos

Good weather on Saturday might have been a blessing for some but for those living near the Tinto Hill car park, it proved a nightmare.

Friday, 23rd April 2021, 2:34 pm
Updated Friday, 23rd April 2021, 2:35 pm
There was yet more chaos on Saturday when the Tinto Hill car park reached capacity.
There was yet more chaos on Saturday when the Tinto Hill car park reached capacity.

Some residents were blocked in their homes, as visitors abandoned their cars across their driveways.

With no Portaloos in the car park, there were also reports of human waste on the side of the road.

Barry Knock, the community council chairman, said: “Tinto Hill was swamped with visitors on Saturday. Before 5am, there were 25 cars and three camper vans in the car park and it quickly filled up.

"Visitors resorted to parking anywhere they could and some residents were blocked in their own homes with cars parked across their driveways.

"Most astonishingly, there were worrying reports of drivers undertaking three point turns on the A73 and at the crossroad junction, which has been the scene of almost weekly accidents over the past few weekends."

South Lanarkshire Council deployed traffic wardens and Police Scotland issued advice to visitors.

Motorists were asked to park in designated areas only and avoid any parking space which could potentially block a road, an emergency vehicle or farm traffic.

A Police Scotland spokesman said: “We request that if you cannot get parked appropriately, or walk safely to or up the hill, you go elsewhere.”

Day trippers were also asked to keep safety in mind after a fire last week when heather was set alight.

The community council and local residents alike have yet again contacted the council to ask for immediate action.

Gordon Mackay, the council’s roads chief, said: “The most recent weekend was a particularly challenging one for attractions like this all over Scotland.

“Officers from Police Scotland were present, as were parking attendants and officers from the council to further assess the situation.

“It is worth noting that from our observations many of the issues arising are directly linked to driver behaviour.

“Regretfully, no engineering measures will compensate for poor or irresponsible driving or parking.”

Requests for the provision of toilet facilities are currently being considered by the council.