Tourist scams are costing holidaymakers hundreds

Looks an ideal place to have a break from lthe stress of everyday life - but are you at risk of a tourism scam?
Looks an ideal place to have a break from lthe stress of everyday life - but are you at risk of a tourism scam?

New research has revealed the most widely known tourist scams and the shocking monetary value of ‘holiday mishaps’

The survey of 2,000 adults by Satsuma Loans showed that while on holiday, the average person saves £460 for spending money.

This doesn’t include the extra luggage charge that 1 in 5 Brits are faced with at the airport. When arriving at the hotel, 1 in 4 travellers find they have to pay extra just to use the Wi-Fi and 43 per cent of people in Britain are hit with tourist tax at the end of their stay.

The most common issues faced on holiday:

Flight delay lasting over three hours – 32%

Charges for Wi-fi – 26%

Having liquids taken from you due to hand luggage policies – 25%

Excessive luggage charges – 19%

Charges for air conditioning – 15%

Lost luggage – 14%

Hotel had no record of your booking – 7%

Hotel/accommodation double booking – 6%

Charge for not printing boarding card – 5%

Charge for staying too long in the airport car park – 5%

Hotel/accommodation not accepting your booking – 5%

Charge to bring back items – 3%

The nationwide research also revealed that the true cost of a holiday can exceed initial expectations as travellers often forget to incorporate transport and clothing into the equation. But just how much does the average UK holidaymaker will spend to enjoy a few days away in the sun?

The actual holiday package – £713.16

Spending money – £458.70

Transport – £155.98

Upgrades – £98.73

Pet care – £86.70

Clothes for my children – £84.96

Clothes for yourself – £80.62

Insurance – £70.07

Parking at airport – £62.80

Childcare – £51.91

House care – £51.66

Hidden costs and tourist scams are truly something that can affect everybody, even the most well-seasoned traveller. A worrying number of travellers are naive to the most common scams, with only 12 per cent being aware of the ‘Friendly ATM helper’...

Injured or child beggars – 34.50%

Broken taxi meter – 18.15%

Fake police officers – 15.00%

Free bracelets or rosemary – 14.40%

Group photo offer – 13.50%

Overbooked or closed hotel – 13.45%

Friendly ATM helper – 12.75%

Attraction Is Closed – 8.30%

Spills on your clothing – 8.05%

Fake hotel wakeup call – 2.70%

A full breakdown of statistics on holiday scams can be seen here satsumaloans