Tinto has lessons from Commonwealth Games gymnast

Pupils try star jumps, under the guidance of Commonwealth Games gymnastics silver medallist Liam Davie at Tinto Primary
Pupils try star jumps, under the guidance of Commonwealth Games gymnastics silver medallist Liam Davie at Tinto Primary

Commonwealth Games gymnastics silver medallist Liam Davie sprang into action at Tinto Primary last week.

Bellshill-born Liam (22) entertained the Symington school’s 97 pupils by demonstrating some of his moves and giving them a motivational power point presentation.

“The kids were very impressed with everything Liam did,” said Tinto Primary principal teacher Irene Semple.

“He showed them his Commonwealth Games medal and took time to answer questions and ask the children about what sporting activities they liked to do.

“Liam found out that one of our boys – Rory Hill – had once played rugby at Murrayfield when representing Biggar Rugby Club at a junior tournament. He congratulated Rory and told him that playing at the home of Scottish rugby must have been really exciting.

“Liam also had a school lunch with us. He told us that he’d better eat the healthy stuff, so he ended up having a cheese toastie and salad.”

As our picture shows, the Tinto pupils got the chance to do star jumps in the gym hall, on a day when they also performed press-ups and spotty dogs (moving arms back and forward while jumping).

The children looked on astonished as Liam grabbed parallel bars before lifting his arms straight up into the air, letting go and then grabbing hold again.

It was all done as part of Sports For Champions, an initiative which brings Olympic, Commonwealth and Great Britain athletes into schools.

In return for raising money to help young athletes with international potential to realise their Olympic and Commonwealth dreams, school pupils get a visit from one of their sporting heroes.

Tinto Primary kids raised a total of £1082 through sponsorship, which was linked to them completing four exercise routines of one minute each during Liam’s visit.

Sixty per cent of this money went to Tinto Primary, with the other 40 per cent going to Sports For Champions.

“The money for Liam will go towards paying for his training and travelling costs,” Irene said. “It is a great cause and wonderful that this school was able to help Liam.

“The children were fascinated to hear how he got into athletics in the first place, his training schedule, diet and achievements.”

Liam, who made a great impression at the school, also took time out to sign autographs for every child.