The Kindness Fairy, Holly Bright applauds the childen from Robert Owen Primary’s nursery

Robert Owen Primary nursery visit by Holly Bright
Robert Owen Primary nursery visit by Holly Bright

The girls and boys from Robert Owen Primary School Nursery in Lanark had a very special visitor during December.

They were visited by a kindness fairy called Holly Bright and her very efficient helper Little Sprite, a rather cheeky and mischievous elf.

Holly Bright suggested that, as many of the children were having a clear out before Santa arrives at Christmas, they might choose to give some of their old toys to charity.

She left a big box for their donations and the children were extremely generous and, as well as donating old toys they also gifted lots of new toys too!

The toys they were no longer playing with were donated to the Marie Curie charity shop in Lanark.

After reading an article in the Gazette, the children then decided to give the new toys collected to the New Beginnings Toy Bank based in the Bridge Cafe in Lanark.

Flora Ireland from New Beginnings came to collect the donations from the nursery and have her picture taken with some of the girls and boys from the morning and afternoon sessions.

Holly Bright said she was very proud of everyone for their efforts!