The Gazette: Your Paper, Your Voice

Your Paper Your Voice
Your Paper Your Voice

THE Carluke and Lanark Gazette is now progressing like a steam train towards relaunch, scheduled for Wednesday, May 8.

But I’m still appealing for readers to come forward with their suggestions on how we could improve the overall look of the paper.

One thing I can now reveal is that the Carluke and Lanark Gazette will be relaunched in a compact format – making it easier for legions of our readers to catch up with their weekly news.

That won’t be the only change you will notice but I’m not going to reveal all just now...for fear of misinformation! My head is pickled with new page layouts so you will have to bear with me...I will flesh out more details as we countdown to blast off!

I am serious about asking readers for their input...we’ve already received some interesting ideas but we’d like even more people to get involved.

The Gazette is YOUR paper – it’s here to serve YOUR community – so please do get in touch with constructive comments which could help shape the paper’s future.

Write to the me, Julie Currie, Editor, Carluke and Lanark Gazette, at 3 High Street, Carluke, ML8 4AL, or email