The 40-year-old BBs on parade

Youth take the lead as ranking Boys rather than officers head Sundays parade through Carluke
Youth take the lead as ranking Boys rather than officers head Sundays parade through Carluke

The 4th Carluke Company of the Boys Brigade is celebrating the 40th anniversary of its founding in 1978 and guests turned up for their ‘birthday party’ recently.

The unit and the town were hosting fellow BBs in the Wishaw and District Battalion for their annual Founders Day Parade.

The parade formed at Victoria Park School and paraded through the Cross to Kirkton Parish Church where the Boys enjoyed the service led by Rev Graham Austin, Battalion Chaplain, before completing the return parade to the Market Square.

As this year is the Scottish Government’s Year of Young people, the Company also decided to form the Colour Party of senior ranking Boys, rather than officers as usual, ensuring the young people at the heart of the organisation were also at the heart of the event.

One of 4th Carluke’s officers, Robert Cunningham said: “It is a great honour for us to be asked to host Founder’s Day and have the entire Battalion join us. When we chose the parade route, we wanted to be sure it went through the heart of the town so the public could see the BB is still going strong and continuing to change lives today.

“The Brigade was a big part of my life as a boy and continues to be so today. I learned a great many skills and made my best friends in the BB. I would encourage all boys and young men to get out there and find your local BB Company – the opportunities it will offer are endless.”

Battalion president Gregor Mackie added: “Founders Day is important to celebrate because it reminds us of our founder Sir William Alexander Smith and the vision he had for a uniformed Christian organisation for boys.

“The fact that the basic values which the BB was founded upon are still very relevant today, some 135 years later, makes it important to remember the roots of our organisation.

“I think it is healthy that Companies get together as a Battalion to celebrate his life and that boys know a bit of the history of our fantastic organisation.”