Sword and spurs on the back of a bike - Lanark video

Here’s the problem: you have Her Majesty’s Representative, in full dress uniform complete with sword and spurs, out on the road, and you want him in the middle of a muddy field, to dedicate a new March Stone.

And the solution is simple - put him on the back of a quad bike!

Gordon, Loraine and the Depute Lieutenant at March Stone

Gordon, Loraine and the Depute Lieutenant at March Stone

That was the answer Lanark Lanimer Chairperson Loraine Swan (a woman who had already climbed over a farm gate herself to get there) and the Lord Cornets Club came up with on Saturday.

Depute Lord Lieutenant David Cranstoun was chauffeured across the field on the back of the bike, carrying his sword, and ferried to the spot where the new March Stones, replacing two which have been missing for around 150 years, are now in place off Hyndford Road.

The dedication took place during the Ride Out to celebrate the 875th anniversary of the Royal Burgh.

Lord Cornet Gordon Gray poured a libation over the stone; he, Loraine and the Depute Lieutenant said a few words, and then the 140 or so riders set off again.

And someone opened a gate to Hyndford Road, allowing the DLL to leave the field under his own steam!