Sweet taste of success for Gill and her friends

G Murray - Cancer Research group
G Murray - Cancer Research group

Donations totalling £7000 have gone to two charities – thanks to Gill Murray and Friends.

Over £4000 was raised at a charity day in Kirkton Church, Carluke, on November 3, and the rest came from tablet and cakes Gill has made throughout the year and which are sold at Gouldings in Rosebank, Jean Sinclair Shoes Carluke and her own business, Gill Beverley’s beauty salon.

Over 300 people attended the charity day which saw teas and coffees served, as well as a wide range of homebaking and freshly made sandwiches.

One hall was set aside for the children, who enjoyed a variety of activities, thought up by Amy Allison, including face painting, decorating cup cakes, making personalised Christmas decorations, making bracelets, hair braiding, nail art and tattoos.

In the large hall 14 craft stalls were set up, selling goods ranging from books, jewellery, and cup cakes, to personalised Christmas baubles and stained glass mirrors.

There was also a massive amount of homebaking on sale, including 170 loaves, Christmas cakes and tablet, and this year the homebaking stall made £1125.

Three ladies had been busy throughout the year making jewellery and knitting baby jackets and scarves and their work sold extremely well, raising over £600.

“I have had fantastic support again this year from my family and friends, and to them I am eternally grateful,” said Gill.

“I would also like to thank the people of Carluke and surrounding areas for their attendance; and everyone who made the day a success.”

The proceeds were split, with £6500 being donated to Cancer Research UK, and £500 to Action Medical Research.

Rowan Main, Area Volunteer Manager with Cancer Research UK said: “We are simply delighted that Gill Murray has created this wonderful event.

“Together with her family and friends and with lots of support from the local community, she has raised this tremendous amount for Cancer Research UK.

“Our life-saving research simply could not take place without Gill’s support.

“We want to thank everyone who helps in any way, no matter how small, to make this day such an amazing success. It is very much appreciated.”