South Lanarkshire Wheelchair Curling Club has world’s first haggis curling champion

Haggis curling winning team
Haggis curling winning team

DEAR auld Clydesdale has many claims to fame in the history of the world, such as the birth of the co-operative movement at New Lanark, the first ever lending library at Leadhills and the invention of modern midwifery in Lanark.

Now another `first’ can be added to the ancient roll of honour ... the World’s First Haggis Curling Champion!

The novel sporting contest which led to this was all the idea of the South Lanarkshire Wheelchair Curling Club which took to the ice at Hamilton’s Lanarkshire Rink to join with the Upper Ward Ladies Curling Club in the history-making match in which the Chieftain o’ the Pudding Race replaced the usual target rings for the players to aim their stones at.

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