SNP names Holyrood candidate

Aileen Campbell to contest Clydesdale seat

THE SNP have selected Aileen Campbell to contest Clydesdale in next year's Scottish parliamentary elections.

Clydesdale SNP Chairman, Jim Wright commented: "We are pleased to have captured what we believe to be one of the rising stars of the SNP. Aileen, along with the nine excellent council candidates the SNP in Clydesdale will field, will ensure we have a strong team that is ready to give Labour a real fight.

"Aileen is a great catch for Clydesdale. She is fiery, full of enthusiasm and dedicated to the cause of Scottish independence.

"We are second to Labour and if people are unhappy with the Labour administrations at London and Edinburgh and want a real change, then the only choice is the SNP."

Previously the parliamentary assistant to Nicola Sturgeon, Aileen is now a researcher for the SNP's health spokesperson Shona Robison. She is also the national convener of the party's official youth wing - 'Young Scots for Independence' and looks set to be the party's youngest female candidate.

Aileen said: "I am absolutely delighted to have received the nomination to be the SNP's candidate for Clydesdale. Clydesdale is an incredibly beautiful and diverse constituency and I am very proud to have the opportunity to serve the people here.

"I hope to bring a great deal of energy and enthusiasm into my political campaign and to show the people of Clydesdale that the SNP is the only real alternative to New Labour. We are not just another political party, but one that cares about the people of Scotland and one that wants to make a genuine difference to society by regaining Scotland's sovereignty.

"One in four children and one in five pensioners live in poverty, we have been dragged into an illegal war on Iraq by Tony Blair and now he and New Labour want a new generation of expensive and dangerous nuclear power stations built in Scotland.

"Closer to home, the roads and the transport systems in the constituency are a disgrace.

"I want to bring big changes to Clydesdale, I want to engage with the people, and to listen and act upon their concerns. The SNP can win Clydesdale and my campaigning starts now."