Six months in prison for tea attack

Lanark Sheriff Court Hope Street, Lanark
Lanark Sheriff Court Hope Street, Lanark

A Lanark man allowed out on licence from a prison sentence only 26 days earlier lost his temper in a police cell and threw a cup of tea over a police officer.

Stephen Doolan has now been jailed for a total of six months - three months for assaulting the police officer, as well as the three months and a few days he still had to serve of the original sentence.

Doolan (36) of 43 Wallace Way, appeared from custody to stand trial at Lanark Sheriff Court on Wednesday.

He denied behaving in a threatening manner towards his former partner Lisa Geddes in Wallace Way on February 1. The court heard from two witnesses, one a police officer who had spoken to Ms Geddes who found her “quite hostile”.

“She did not appear to want to give much information,” said the officer.

Ms Geddes was due to give evidence herself, but after seeing her fiscal Ziad Hassan announced he would not be proceeding with that charge.

Doolan then pled guilty to an amended charge of assault in the police station that evening.

The court heard that he had been placed in a police cell, but was “aggressive and not willing to be interviewed”.

He had been given a cup of tea, and then he threw it over one of the officers and attempted to grab him.

Doolan’s solicitor told the court that the tea had been provided at 5pm, and it was cold when Doolan had thrown it over the officer 20 minutes later.

Doolan, he said, had been waiting to be interviewed and was “frustrated” by the delay.