Simon Weston backs Carluke Rotary Club’s Call For Heroes

Simon Weston
Simon Weston

Falklands war hero Simon Weston added his endorsement to Carluke Rotary Club’s Call For Heroes campaign.

Simon praised the club’s campaign at a district conference in Southport, attended by local club members.

He said: “It’s a simple and effective scheme designed to support so many of our frontline troops.

“I worried as much about those at home as they did about me. Contact is essential for everyone’s morale. The calls scheme is so simple and effective.

“I’m very happy to endorse the project and wish the Calls for Heroes all the very best. I have the easy bit; delivering it is the toughest task.

“It’s the simple things that you do that just make differences and club members should be proud of what they do so quietly, calmly and effectively.

“If we are here for any reason, it’s to make a difference in people’s lives.

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