Sharon Morrison is Lanark’s Good Samaritan

Sharon Morrison (43) from Lanark
Sharon Morrison (43) from Lanark

THE identity of Lanark’s Good Samaritan has finally been revealed.

In December, 78-year-old Mary Foley contacted the Gazette to thank the mystery woman who helped save her son Ian’s life.

Ian had taken an epileptic fit while walking down Hope Street.

Mrs Foley was desperate to thank the woman in person but she vanished from the scene as soon as the Emergency Services arrived.

But now we can reveal that it was Senior Charge Nurse Sharon Morrison.

Reluctant hero Sharon (43) lives in Birks Place, Lanark, with husband George, daughter Linzi (23) and son Lee (18).

She told the Gazette this week that she had to leave the scene so quickly after attending to Ian in the street as she was going to work at Wishaw General Hospital.

And modest Sharon told us that she was only part of a team who had all helped to save Mrs Foley’s son’s life that day.

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