Release the Angel Gabriel from Lanark church toilet!

Angel walled off in Christ Church's new toilet
Angel walled off in Christ Church's new toilet

Much-needeed improvements at Christ Church in Lanark have left a pair of stained glass windows of the Angel Gabriel and the Virgin Mary on either side of the wall of a new toilet.

And now the church is bringing in a craftsman to free Gabriel from the loo, and reunite him with the matching window.

And anyone interested can come along to watch the stained glass artist at work.

Church member Jamie Hill said that the rector Dan Gafvert, who died very suddenly in Lanimer week, had been in favour of the new toilet.

“But he was insistent that Gabriel should not be for ever consigned to a life in the toilet!” added Dr Hill.

“Gabriel is, therefore, about to be moved - to a light box on the new wall at the back of the side chapel, where he will be reunited with Mary in a depiction of The Annunciation.

“This is being done as a congregational memorial to Dan.”

The work of removing the window and resetting it in the light box, and of restoring another stained glass window, is being done by Bryan Hutchison, a 5th generation Stained Glass Window expert from Crossford.

The work begins next Monday, October 19, and should last a few days. All those interested in seeing how stained glass windows are made will be welcome.