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Crosstalk 39 11
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Class support

Dear Ed, – I would like you to help me thank everyone in the Crawforddyke area of Carluke for their over-whelming support during my fight against breast cancer.

I have never been so proud to be a teacher at Crawforddyke Primary and work in an environment where children have shown me great compassion, care and support.

I lost all my long hair druing chemotherapy treatment and not one child stared, or commented but rather helped me retain my dignity and respect. They commented on how well I looked in my hats making me feel good in a situation where I was very self-conscious.

The staff, parents and community have also been fabulous with cards, texts and get well wishes. I can’t thank them enough for their support.

Curriculum for Excellence is intended to be about the world around us and beyond. Maybe, it’s time to use our own experiences to show children that, no matter how you look, it’s what inside that matters.

Thank you to everyone and in particular P5 classes this year. - Yours etc.,


Leafield Road,


Kids need land

Dear Ed, – Surely our Community Council must have realised that South Lanarkshire District Council are sitting on a goldmine of development, namely the vacant land adjacent to lower South Vennel - otherwise why would SLDC galvanise their legal team to take what was privately owned land, bequeathed by the late owner to meet a need to establish a young children’s play area.

Currently, medical science is emphasising the vital importance of feeding their minds now, thus developing new brain-building blocks, which secures a child’s future-life qualities.

Disturbing though the above take-over is, yet I write without prejudice.- Yours etc.,


Wallace Court,


Lamp swinging

Dear Ed, – The Royal Navy is looking for any reader who has served in the Electrical, Radio, Radar, Weapons, Warfare or Control Branch of the Royal Navy and who is willing to assist in a small way in training tomorrow’s sailors, in the skills and way of life they learnt whilst in the Royal Navy.

The Royal Naval Electrical Branch Association is working in conjunction with HMS Collingwood at Fareham in Hampshire, to bring to the sailors of tomorrow, the experience of yesterday.

‘First hand experience’ of on board life and dealing with the Electrics and Electronics of yesterday’s warships is still relevant.

This will be relayed in a relaxed way to trainees in groups, by those who are able to visit HMS Collingwood for these short ‘Lamp Swinging’ sessions.

The function of The Royal Naval Electrical Branch Association is to reunite those who have served together for them to swing the lamp, and is achieved through Membership Lists, a regular newsletter and reunions.

In the words of the Kichener poster “Your Association Needs YOU” to help with the training of tomorrow’s sailor.

Have a look at what we do at www, and download an application form or write to Mike Crowe, RNEBA, 7 Heath Road, Lake, Sandown, Isle of Wight, PO36 8PG or email me at - Yours etc.,


Royal Naval Electrical Branch Association.

Medical thanks

Dear Ed, – On October 2, this year I had a stroke while at the morning service. It happened about 11am while at Communion at my church, which I attend every Sunday, Evangelical Brethren at Roman Road, Motherwell.

I was standing to give out a hymn at the time I took the stroke.

Within seconds I was rushed out of the church to a waiting ambulance, destination Wishaw General Hospital.

I was kept there for four days and on the second day in hospital I went through a MRI scan. While in hospital I was treated 100% by the nursing staff and the food was excellent.

Through your columns I would like to say a huge thank you to the church, ambulance staff, hospital staff, doctor and his medical team.

Without their help I may not have been here today. – Yours etc.,


Westend Court,


Obvious talent

Dear Ed, – I’m writing to tell you of a wonderful panto running this weekend at Tinto Town (Symington).

The first showing was this evening and the only way to describe it was “amazing”!

Past and present pupils of Tinto Primary took part. There was singing, dancing, music and acting all in abundance.

My heart was bursting as both my children were involved; one as Aladdin (P7) and the other as part of a trio of pipers (S3).

There were no auditions for parts, just word of mouth. It originally started as part of the after-school club but just kept growing and growing. As my friend said, statistically there shouldn’t be that much talent and confidence in one village but, apparently, there is.

The person responsible for this is none other than Fiona Mathers who herself is involved in professional theatre/acting and has children at the local school. She is – well – just fantastic! She has a fab assistant by the name of Alison and they run a great team.

Of course there are many others, too many to mention, who make it possible for these events to run and I would like to thank them also. A huge and heartful thanks from a parent to Fiona and Alison. – Yours etc.,


Parent With Children At Tinto Primary.

Dogged friends

Dear Ed, – A huge thank you from Dogs Trust Glasgow staff to all those who donated, attended and assisted at the Christmas Fayre and to everyone who has supported the rehoming centre throughout 2011!

We raised a fantastic £2,798.41 for the dogs in our care and also received lots of wonderful donations of towels, blankets and dog food.

After the disappointment of having to cancel the Fayre at short notice last year due to the extreme snow it was fantastic to see so many familiar paws and faces coming back to visit us.

Santa Paws says he will be sure to include all those special requests in his list! And the dogs in our care on Christmas Day will receive an extra special Christmas chicken dinner, thanks to all who sponsored this extra special treat too. – Yours etc.


Supporter Relations Officer

Dogs Trust Glasgow