Pupils get stuck in at Castlebank

Students from the Higher Leadership Class at Lanark Grammar have been doing their bit for the Clydesdale environment.

Friday, 16th March 2018, 11:59 am
Pupils from Lanark Grammar get stuck in at Castlebank Park cleanup.

The pupils have been concerned for some time about the amount of litter at theirschool and the surrounding areas.

To that end, they devised a Clean Sweep Campaign to tackle this issue, and it all kicked off at Castlebank Park in Lanark where they carried out the first general cleanup.

They took an hour out of classes to scour the area for litter, and were surprised at how dirty the park was.

The young adults have been supported by South Lanarkshire Council in addition to local businesses who have also provided the group with funding and items to help with their Clean Sweep Campaign.

The campaign ran for a week and was designed to encourage pupils to clean up their litter after breaks and lunch. This was promoted by using bin bags with the house colours and organised activities. As a result, winning houses were awarded ‘prizes’ for their involvement.

SinWa Lois, one of the pupils said: The groups found items such as sweetie wrappers, plastic bottles, glass bottles and strangely some shoes! Despite the bitter weather, we battled through. It was an eye-opener the amount of rubbish we collected that had been discarded so carelessly in the park.”

Lucas Anderson, School Captain commented: “It is so great to see my fellow pupils taking ownership of their actions, the school area has improved drastically.”