Provost’s New Year message

Provost McAllan
Provost McAllan

South Lanarkshire’s Provost, Biggar Councillor Ian McAllan has issued his New Year Message, praising the many volunteers in our area who have worked through the holidays.

Provost McAllan said: “Like so many of you, this is a time of the year that I personally always look forward to.

“It allows us to spend some time with our nearest and dearest and spread some cheer and goodwill.

“As South Lanarkshire Provost, I have so many opportunities to meet people who give up a lot of their own time volunteering, helping and supporting the most needy and vulnerable people in our communities. The work these people do, especially at this time of year, is invaluable and they really do make a difference.

“I am sure we would all agree that Christmas is now more commercial than it has ever been – but at the many events I have been to over the past few weeks it is clear that the real meaning of Christmas is still there.

“You only need to look at our school pupils with their concerts and carol singing, the church Nativity events and the many parties and shows that are put on for people less fortunate than ourselves.

“This is a reminder that the goodwill to all message is still a very strong one and should always have more meaning than presents and gifts. As I look forward to 2019 and all the wonderful opportunities it will bring.

“I would like to thank all the people I have met over the past year who make South Lanarkshire.

“Happy New Year.”