Poly bag ‘tax’ in Carstairs raised £3000!

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Three good causes shared a staggering £3000 when Carstairs Co-op distributed the money raised by the poly bag “tax”.

‘This entire fund was made possible by the Co-operative reinvesting not only the profit from bag charge but the entire charge from the sales of all our carrier bags,” said manager George Hannah,

“We at the Co-operative believe we are championing a better way of doing business locally.”

The three groups were voted for by colleagues in the store, then Co-op Members had the Chance to vote for their favourite cause, with the most votes getting the highest award and so on.

Beechgrove Care Home in Lanark received £600, Clydesdale Parkinsons Group received £900 and Carstairs Community Centre received £1500

Beechgrove applied for the funding to develop a sensory garden where residents and relatives, many of whom came from Carstairs and the surrounding area, can enjoy spending time outdoors.

And thanking the Co-op, Jim Forrest said that the new Parkinsons Group would now be able to draw up a programme of activites such as social events, and fund training for sufferers and carers.

“I am particularly appreciative of the fact that the Co-operative Fund have awarded this generous grant in our infancy,” he said.

“We have no past record of achievements to encourage their generosity but I think they recognised in our group a passion and determination to work tireless at our cause.

“I can assure them that their donation WILL make a difference’

The group meets on the last Thursday of every month at 2pm in St Nicholas Parish Church, Lanark.

The Carstairs Community Centre Management Group is using the award to install a new state-of-the-art multimedia system, with projector and screen facilities as well as a multimedia interface (CD, DVD, and Computer) plus a full sound system.

The groups using the centre have no access to such equipment at the moment, and the installation will be well used by them in the future.