Sheridan comes to Carluke for IndyRef 2 rally

Tommy Sheridan
Tommy Sheridan

A public meeting is to be held in Carluke Leisure Centre tomorrow (Thursday) with a second Scottish Referendum - popularly called IndyRef 2 - at the very top of the agenda.

The main guest will be Tommy Sheridan, former leader of the Scottish Socialist Party and now a leading light in the Hope Over Fear movement.

Generally, this group is not content with the way the mainstream SNP party and government are pursuing their shared dream of an independent Scotland. It identifies itself as being working class-based.

Although almost direct opposites politically, Hope Over Fear shares a warcry with avid Brexiteers - “Get on with it!”

The meeting, which starts at 7pm with free entry and refreshments available, will see Mr Sheridan speak at what is the latest stop on a national tour, promoting the Hope Over Fear’s “Dissolve the Union” message.

Perhaps fittingly, Carluke Leisure Centre was the venue for the official launch of the Yes Clydesdale campaign for the 2014 referendum with locally-born Scottish actress and comedian Elaine C. Smith chairing the rally.

Mr Sheridan is the official mouthpiece of the Hope Over Fear group and he is expected to issue their signature challenge to First Minister Nicol Sturgeon to “name the date” for IndyRef 2.

He served in the first Scottish Parliament after devolution and is credited with having legislation put through Holyrood to have warrant sales in Scotland banned.

This method of confiscating property to settle debt had become a particular target of the then Scottish Socialist Party, claiming it was almost exclusively used against working class households. He has also taken part in other major campaigns against what he sees as social injustices.