Labour candidates for the Clydesdale seats on the council

Clydesdale Labour candidates: Lynsey Hamilton, Gordon Muir, George Hannah, Catherine McClymont, Eileen Logan and George Greenshields.
Clydesdale Labour candidates: Lynsey Hamilton, Gordon Muir, George Hannah, Catherine McClymont, Eileen Logan and George Greenshields.

Five of the six Labour candidates standing for seats in the South Lanarkshire Council elections next month already serve as councillors.

These include Eileen Logan, currently provost of South Lanarkshire Council and a former provost of the old Clydesdale District Council.

“To be endorsed as a candidate for Clydesdale West is a privilege,” said Eileen.

“I have never taken my role as a councillor for granted and have worked as hard as I could for the people who have put their trust in me over the years.

“I am proud of what has been achieved under continuing severe cutbacks to Council budgets.

“South Lanarkshire Council can be proud of its nursery and school build programme. A new house building programme will begin in 2017/18; continuous improvements to existing stock help keep homes in good condition; road, leisure and social services with an emphasis on older people have been prioritised.

“My involvement in many groups keeps me actively involved with many people of all ages,” she added.

“There is still much to do and my enthusiasm and continued work in the community will help ensure that resources are well used.”

Catherine McClymont has been a councillor now for almost five years.

“To be selected as the Clydesdale North candidate is a privilege and honour,” she said.

She is keen to stand again for another term and feels that although she has achieved a lot in her term there is still more to do.

Catherine is keen to continue her work with various groups and trusts in her area.

She has enjoyed her term helping constituents which, she says, can sometimes be challenging but she always does her best for them.

George Greenshields has been a councillor for Clydesdale South for almost five years, and has served as depute chair of community services in his time in the council.

George has worked in the local community for over 40 years. He has worked with two local companies 3r energy and Hargreaves to help promote two industrial areas around the Poniel Junction 11. 3r energy will have 12 to 15 local jobs starting soon and more local jobs to follow.

“I have worked with groups throughout the ward to help with funding,” said George. “I would like the chance to help more groups and communities with their plans for the future.”

Lynsey Hamilton was one of the youngest councillors elected to South Lanarkshire Council when she won her Clydesdale West seat five years ago.

“Alongside my friend and colleague Eileen Logan I have tried hard to stand up for the community that I grew up and went to school in,” she said.

“Eileen and I have worked as a great team, drawing on each other’s different skills and knowledge to work for our community.

“As a local councillor nothing has made me happier than representing my constituents and working in partnership with local groups to make the area better.

“I hope that I have brought enthusiasm, a fresh outlook and different ideas to my job as a councillor and this is an opportunity I hope the community will give me again in May. “

Gordon Muir is currently a councillor for Clydesdale South.

“What drives me is improving communities,” he said.

“I have over 12 years experience in working with organisations and communities to help secure funding for many projects throughout Clydesdale and South Lanarkshire.

“I firmly believe that the key to success is working closely in partnership with communities and together we can help make Clydesdale a great place to live, work and play in.

“A vote for me is a vote for your community, and I will continue to roll up my sleeves and get involved to help the communities of Clydesdale thrive and prosper.”

George Hannah describes himself as “a proud member of my local community” and he is pleased to have been selected as the local candidate for Clydesdale East.

He is the manager of stores in both Carstairs and Biggar, and the father of a five-year-old attending a local primary school.

“I can see the good the Labour-led council has done in the area,” he said. “As always though, there is much more that can be fought for throughout the ward and I have the determination and passion to take to that fight.

“I am actively involved as a volunteer for Clydesdale foodbank and other groups in the area such as Carstairs Primary PTA and Carstairs Community Council.

“I am committed to working for all the areas in the ward I am selected for.

“I am determined, if you give me the opportunity, to stand up and make that positive change as a local councillor.”

In the election, to be held on Thursday, May 4, the Clydesdale West ward covering the Carluke area has four councillors, and the other three Clydesdale seats have three each.