Does the Yes campaign not have the answers?

Robin McAlpine has been out three or four nights a week, answering questions on behalf of the Yes campaign.
Robin McAlpine has been out three or four nights a week, answering questions on behalf of the Yes campaign.

Gazette readers submitted a series of questions for our Independence debate in May, not all of which could be answered on the night.

And there were specific questions which could only be answered by either the Yes or No camps.

In this article, Robin McAlpine tackles the fifth and final question levelled at the Yes campaign.

Robin graduated from Glasgow University to work as a journalist, moving to London to become Press Officer to George Robertson, then Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland and leader of the Scottish Labour Party.

He then spent 12 years as head of public affairs for Scotland’s university sector.

Robin is currently director of the Jimmy Reid Foundation and Editor of the Scottish Left Review, Scotland’s leading left-of-centre political magazine.

In 2004 he set up the Scottish Left Review Press, a publishing arm of the Scottish Left Review.

Question: When anyone makes a comment against independence they are accused of “scaremongering”. Can these issues not be discussed seriously or does the Yes Campaign not have the answers?

Robin said: “I have no problem with people asking sensible questions. In fact, I’m out three or four nights a week talking at public meetings and doing my best to answer every question asked of me.

“What I have a very major problem with is people deliberately distorting reality to try and scare people. Remember,

it is not Yes that invented the nickname ‘Project Fear’ to describe Better Together. That was their own nickname for themselves.

“All over Europe countries sit side by side without armed guards at the borders. You know it, I know it, they know it. So why do they keep raising it over and over again?

“I can’t think of any time in my life when I’ve seen a campaign (the Yes campaign) that has bent over backwards to try and answer so many questions honestly – nor a campaign (the No campaign) that has sought to raise so many absolutely groundless fears.

“Our future does not lie with people who can only see problems and impossibilities. Our future has to lie with people who can see solutions and possibilities.”

Keep checking our website today for further Independence news and answers to questions posed to Blair Jenkinks and Blair McDougall, from the Yes and No camps respectively.