Call for right to appeal in planning process

Claudia Beamish with protestors at the Scottish Parliament.
Claudia Beamish with protestors at the Scottish Parliament.

Local MSP recently joined a demonstration at the Scottish Parliament by Planning Democracy, which is campaigning for the Planning Bill currently going through Parliament to recognisee an Equal Right of Appeal for communities when it comes to planning decisions.

Existing legislation only allows developers to appeal a decision.

Ms Beamish said: “The Planning System is currently weighted in favour of developers. A developer can appeal a decision but a community can’t. I fully support the need to address this imbalance as it is communities who have to live with the consequences. The Bill is also an opportunity to address the issue of serial applications. In Clydesdale we have been subjected to continued applications to quarry at Overburns and the legislation has to be more robust in deterring proposals for the same site.

“Agricultural permitted development rights and flooding are also areas of concern which have been raised with me by constituents over the years and I am exploring how the Bill could address these.