Police warning to women about Carluke flasher

Crime area...one woman had just crossed the road near Tesco
Crime area...one woman had just crossed the road near Tesco

POLICE are hunting a pervert who has terrorised four young women in separate incidents in Carluke.

The man indecently exposed himself to two females in broad daylight in Carluke on Thursday, June 19.

At 7.15am, he targeted a 32-year-old woman standing at a bus stop on Wilton Road, opposite the junction of Old Lanark Road.

Thirty minutes later, the man strode quickly towards a 21-year-old woman walking on Benty’s Lane.

After crossing the road near the pedestrian crossing at Tesco, the woman saw the man standing across the road and indecently touching himself while staring at her.

Both women were left shaken and concerned for their safety.

In Carluke High Street at 2.30pm on Sunday, his victim was a 16-year-old female, and twenty minutes later he exposed himself to a second 16-year-old girl in Benty’s Lane.

He is described as being around 20-years-old, between 5’6 – 5’8” tall, with short light brown hair, a dirty complexion and local accent. He was wearing a white t-shirt and grey jogging bottoms on Thursday and a dark t-shirt and grey shorts on Sunday.

Inspector Scott Jones of Lanark Police said that extra plain clothed police patrols were being stationed in Carluke.

He added: “These incidents are quite a worry for young females. My advice is for women to avoid being in certain places on your own.

“If you are confronted by this man, go into a shop so you’re with other people.”

Women who think they have spotted the man and feel threatened should call 999 or call 101 with information.