Police tail mobile bank in Clydesdale anti-fraud warning

Banking on police...anti-fraud initiative is launched at Lanark Market
Banking on police...anti-fraud initiative is launched at Lanark Market

IF motorists on Clydesdale’s country roads over the next few weeks notice the cops closely following a mobile bank, they shouldn’t worry.

They haven’t stumbled across a chase of audacious hijacking robbers.

In fact, what they are looking at is a unique joint operation between our local police and the Royal Bank of Scotland aimed at foiling another kind of robber altogether – fraudsters.

For some years now, RBS has been serving many corners of rural Clydesdale with their Mobile Bank service and the police have now decided that going on the road with it would be a good chance to take their anti-fraud message out into the countryside.

That `tailing’ of the Mobile Bank was formally started at Lanark Agricultural Centre on Monday when the RBS service is well-used by the farmers and dealers attending the busy market day.

Explained the Police Scotland spokesman for Clydesdale: “This is the start of an operation with the Lanark-based Police and RBS working together to raise fraud awareness with local residents.

“Rural residents will see the RBS Mobile Branch on its normal route being shadowed by the Clydesdale Mobile Police Office while both work in unison towards protecting local residents and dealing at each of the stops with issues such as fraud awareness and bogus callers.

“We’ve recognised that the RBS Mobile Branch service provides a good opportunity for our officers and the bank staff to speak to customers and the larger local community in Clydesdale about fraud prevention.”

For full details, pick up a copy of this week’s Carluke and Lanark Gazette.