Plea for help to restore Lanark’s Castlebank Park to its former glory

Castlebank Park'Lanark'15/11/11'Picture by Lindsay Addison
Castlebank Park'Lanark'15/11/11'Picture by Lindsay Addison

Parks are a lot like people; when they are down on their luck, they need all the pals they can get.

And that plea for help is being made on behalf of the place that was once Lanark’s jewel in the crown of parks, Castlebank.

It’s an appeal being made at a time when – finally – some action is being taken to start returning the faded Victorian glory to its former self.

It will start to answer a call made by 2000 Gazette readers almost a decade ago who signed the only petition campaign this newspaper ever mounted, calling for “urgent” action to refurbish Castlebank.

Now a £10,000 feasibility study has just been completed to suggest ways in which that recovery can begin.

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