Pet ban for Lanark man who killed his cat

Lanark Sheriff Court
Lanark Sheriff Court

At Lanark Sheriff Court on Thursday a 37-year-old man was banned from owning an animal for the next five years following his conviction for killing his cat.

Appearing for sentence deferred for background reports, Alan Baillie of 7 Wellwood Avenue, Lanark, had earlier admitted that, at his home on July 12 last year, he caused the animal, for whose care he was responsible, unnecessary suffering in that he repeatedly struck it to its injury and killed it.

At an earlier hearing the court had been told that Baillie faced addiction and mental health problems and an assessment for an intensive Drinks and Drugs Treatment Order was ordered.

However, on Thursday, the court was told that Baillie had been judged unsuitable for such treatment.

Sheriff Stewart placed him on a three year supervision order and banned him from owning a pet for five years.