Town to put on its best face

The Lanark in Bloom team prepare to greet the judges
The Lanark in Bloom team prepare to greet the judges

The alert has gone out to all Lanarkians to make sure their town looks at its blooming best on Monday, July 30.

That will be Lanark’s ‘D-Day’ - or, rather, ‘B-Day’ - when the Britain in Bloom judges make their annual tour of inspection of the Royal Burgh as it competes again in the Beautiful Scotland contest.

As ever, the volunteers of Lanark In Bloom have been hard at work, as they have since the group’s founding in 2004, promoting and organising gardening and horticulturai activities in the town.

They are also involved in designing, landscaping and maintaining community gardens and green spaces.

The group’s programme of providing hanging floral baskets has done much to cheer up our shopping areas.

In its 14-year history the organisation has worked with South Lanarkshire Council, local schools and other community groups to beautify Lanark for the benefit of locals, visitors and, of course, the Beautiful Scotland judges.

The town has achieved the status of Bronze and Silver Awards in the competition in the past but Lanark In Bloom always has hopes of winning the top Gold Award accolade one day.

Perhaps 2018 will be their year!

The judges will be formally welcomed to the Royal Burgh at the Lanark in Bloom’s headquarters in the town’s Castlebank Park Horticultural Centre.

Doubtless, they will be shown the work currently going on by the council and the local volunteers restoring the park to its full 50s glory.