Parking ticket for former councillor Ed Archer

Former Lanark councillor Ed Archer was left fuming on Saturday, when he received a £30 parking ticket.

Wednesday, 24th March 2021, 12:30 pm
After doing a kind deed for a pensioner, Ed Archer was furious to discover a parking fine on his car in Hope Street, Lanark.

Ed had been under the impression that parking fines had been waived by the local authority since the start of lockdown.

Believing this, he parked opposite his home in Hope Street, Lanark, when he returned home with his shopping.

A short while later, he jumped back in the car to take shopping to a 93-year-old lady who has been shielding due to coronavirus.

On his return, he again parked opposite his home. When he left to go out metal-detecting later that day, he discovered the parking ticket.

Ed fumed: “It wasn’t as if I was parked on double yellow lines or within the bus stop. Had I been, then it would have been fair enough.

"My only transgression was that I had gone and come back within two hours. However, I was under the impression I would not receive a ticket for this, due to the council not imposing parking charges during lockdown.

"I tried to contact someone at the council to discuss it but could not get through so I have sent in an appeal against this £30 parking fine.

“I did not think I was doing anything wrong and do not think I should have to pay the fine as a result.”

In last week’s Gazette, we reported that councillors had decided to hold off on reinstating off-street parking charges. Councillors agreed that charges would not be reintroduced until non-essential retail was allowed to open.

We contacted South Lanarkshire Council to clarify the situation.

Gordon Mackay, head of roads and transportation, said: “Routine enforcement and parking charges were suspended a year ago as the country entered lockdown.

“Enforcement of restrictions recommenced on August 3 and on street parking charges were reinstated on December 7.

“Charges in council car parks remain suspended until non-essential shops and businesses reopen; this is provisionally expected to be around April 26.

“Any person receiving a Penalty Charge Notice has the opportunity to make representations to the council where it would be considered in line with our established procedures.”