Lanark March Stones will be inspected

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Lanark Lanimer Committee decided to cancel all Lanimer Week official events for 2021 – just as it did in 2020.

Wednesday, 2nd June 2021, 7:54 am
The March Stones will be inspected by a small team from the Lanimer Committee. (Pic Sarah Peters.)

That includes the inspection of the March Stones marking its boundaries.

Current government regulations are still at a level which prevents public gathering, even respecting social distancing.

Slight relaxing of these regulations, if they emerge over the next few weeks, will not change the committee’s decision.

However, ‘the Royal Burgh of Lanark’s ancient and inalienable right’, to make an annual inspection of its March Stones will take place, as it did last year.

It will not involve members of the public; instead the Lanimer Committee chairman will make arrangements to have them inspected privately by the end of June.

The small group involved will report to the Lanimer Committee chairman and the Honorary Secretary will report to the Crown.

Kenny Lean, committee chairman, said: “We’d like to remind people that the paths we take over land to reach each March Stone are not rights of way. Landowners have a right to deny public access through their private land, eg Woodend, Jerviswood, Leechford, Braxfield and Robiesland.

"Any access is always subject to permission by the landowners, to whom we apply annually in writing to pass through their land to reach each March Stone. These applications have been cancelled for 2021, resulting in no right of public access to the Marches routes at any time.”