Carluke treasure hunters break the internet!

The launch of Carluke Treasure Hunt was so popular on Saturday it broke the server.

Thursday, 24th June 2021, 12:16 pm
A much-needed rest for treasure hunters who bagged all 11 locations and clues on Saturday!

While that meant a wee bit unexpected work for its creator, local business man Richard Swan, he was delighted with the response.

However, he’s keen to stress that the treasure hunt is not just a one-off – people can continue to access it 365 days a year.

Richard (50) said: “We're trying to emphasise, with more posts and emails, that the hunt isn't over.

"Some people assumed at the weekend that it was a one day or one weekend thing but, of course, it's open all day, all year, from now on for anyone to take part – for free.”

There are already plans to add more sites to keep the hunt interesting for those who made it their mission on Saturday to complete it in one go.

“I’m already working on a number of other locations in the town,” said Richard. “There’s no limit because Carluke parish has such a wealth of history to tap into.

"We want people to be able to dip in and out if they want to – bagging one or two or a few locations over the course of day or a weekend.

"We were always going to get people who wanted to complete it quickly – I just never expected so many to do so on the first weekend!

“I'm now going out to deliver the first batch of medals to those who've completed it.”

On launch day on Saturday, 2800 people signed up for the hunt and it's now sitting at over 3000.

That meant a wee glitch for the business man who created the town’s latest attraction.

He said: "There was so much activity it crashed our email servers and we had to put out a post asking anyone who completed the full hunt, and had tried to open The Vault, to resubmit their codes. It was crazy!

"We’ve already announced the first group of explorers who managed to complete the full hunt on Saturday.

“We had so many lovely comments on our social pages. It really made all the work and effort feel worthwhile as so many families were taking part and so many people were having fun with it.

"Haley Double came up from Wishaw with some of her family and walked on foot around the entire hunt to solve all the clues! It was incredible.”

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